I’m Back!

Wow! Just look at how amazing I am at commitment. Two blog posts. That’s all I managed to do before I forgot about this blog for TWO YEARS!

Well, hello everyone! I hope you all had a good two years. I did.

Lets recap quickly. My name is Claire. I am now a teenager, and this blog is about my life.

Good recap. So, who wants to hear about my life? That is the point of this blog, anyway. You do? Great!

Summer is almost over, and I can’t wait for school to start! Just kidding. I wish summer was another three months long. We are currently in the beautiful, Breckenridge, Colorado, where we spend about two months every summer. We fly back to London, (my home) on Sunday. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited to be back home and with my friends, but I am starting 8th grade, which is WAY harder than 7th. At least according to my friends. I AM looking forward to our school trip, at the beginning of October, Outward Bound. We’ll be camping and hiking, and it will just be a lot like being in Colorado. Except for the weather.


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Hi there! Sorry it’s been so long, but school has started and I’ve been super busy. In fact, it’s now November, so my first term is almost over! School has taken up a lot of my time, and so that’s why I stopped blogging for all this time. Anyway, yesterday was Halloween, one of my favorite days of the year. I dressed up as a girl from the 1950’s, in honer of Back to the Future, one of the best movies ever! In my opinion at least. I got a ton of candy. In October, my grandparents came to visit. It was great to see them. We went to The Making of Harry Potter. Because of Halloween, death eaters were wandering around. They were so creepy!!! One snuck up on me, and made me jump, and run away! Literally! Another thing we did with them was visit the orangery at Kensington Gardens for tea. I love the tea there! I have started a new book. It is the last in a trioligy, called The School For Good and Evil by Soman Chainani. He is amazing! The first book is called The School For Good and Evil. the second is called The School For Good and Evil, A World Without Princes. The third is called The School For Good and Evil, The Last Ever After. That is the one I am on. The books are about two girls. One is good, one is evil. They have to battle their souls through the books to find out who they really are. It is fantasy. They are some of the best books I have ever read! Those are a few things that I have done recently. I will try to blog more often now, but thanks for reading!

Hello world!

Hello World!

My name is Claire, which is french for clear, or light. So that explains the name of this site. This is my first blog, so it may not be perfect, but I will get better as I go along. As I am starting this, I realise I may not have a lot to talk about yet. But I’ll do my best to make this interesting. I love writing, so this is a great way to keep my skills up over the summer, until school starts again.

I live in London, and besides one trip this summer to a spanish island called Malorca for a week, I have spent the rest of my summer here in London. But this week I leave for the U.S! I am super exited to see all my relatives there!!! I will go first to Ohio first to visit my grandparents, cousins, aunt and uncle. After about two weeks there I will go to Colorado to see my older brother and sister, my grandma, aunt, uncle and more cousins! Lastly, after Colorado I get on a plane back to good old London and start another year at school.

I can’t  wait, but there is so much to do before we leave! I still have to pack, and a thousand other things, but when they are done, I will be a step closer to Ohio! Even when I am in America,  I will do my best to blog every day. I am thrilled with my new blog, and can’t wait to write tomorrow. Thanks for reading this, and seeing the world through my eyes. seenclairely.

P.S. If you want to learn more about my blog, check out the about page! Thanks!     🙂